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Mail Connect email marketing tool is a web based application which includes many advance features, We believe in providing the most efficient solution with utmost competent rates. We also can offer you a complete end to end service like designing your email campaigns and designing your landing pages for lead capturing.

Since the development of Mail Connect is completely in-house, we have tried and made it simple and user friendly web based email marketing application bundled with features like online HTML email composition, Automated real-time unsubscribe, user view tracking, link tracking and bounce management. It also facilitates features like follow up campaigns, user segmentation by list and campaign schedules.


Technical Features

that users Enjoy Through MailConnect

SMTP Relay

Auto Responder

Upload / Edit List

Customised Template

Customised Signature

Multi-Threaded Realy

Cancel Sheduled Campaign

Schedule Campaign

Dedicated IP

Validity Period Mails

End user Support

Add / Deduct Credits

Create Multiple Users

Online Bulk Mail Interface

Track Views & Hits

Add / Delete Users

Technical Guidelines

Mailer Design

Template Design Service

Due to wide spread importance it is very critical to have proper email designed which is easy to view and is compatible with various operating systems. When it comes to the structure and make of an e-mail, it has to be done with precision and a dash of creativity, for the fact that its content, make, design, feel should be one with a brand’s name.

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